Fundação Champalimaud

Av. Santo António - Porto de Mós
Urbanização Casal Saldanha
Praça 5 de Outubro - T.  Novas
Calcetamento Móveis Alviela
Assentamento Pavê - C. Ed. Batalha

Continuing a family business, the BRITALFLOR Lda. began operations in 1998, based in Sierra Alqueidão, Municipality of Porto de Mos, with a new side of exploration: extraction and preparation of paving stone.

At its origin is associated the acquisition of a quarry to own farming, located in Cabeças das Pombas - Alcanede, Municipality of Santarém, location to which they would join two other quarries - the second, ran the year 2000 and more recently the third was acquired in 2010.

In the first 3 years of activity, BRITALFLOR Lda. is dedicated exclusively to the work of quarry related to the mining and preparation of the stone pavement. It is from the year 2001 that the company expands its services, creating our own teams of technical experts in the art of the settlement and "draw" feature of Sidewalk Typical Portuguese.

Currently BRITALFLOR Lda. performs the work of industrial extraction, preparation, transportation and laying of stone paving and other related types of floors. It is responsible, directly and indirectly by the creation and maintenance of approximately 50 jobs, mostly as a young and dynamic company, based on experience, and rigor of the art know-how, this craft passed on from generation to generation.
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