Fundação Champalimaud

Av. Santo António - Porto de Mós
Urbanização Casal Saldanha
Praça 5 de Outubro - T.  Novas
Calcetamento Móveis Alviela
Assentamento Pavê - C. Ed. Batalha

 The BRITALFLOR - EXPLORAÇÃO DE PEDREIRAS, Lda. is dedicated to the extraction works in stone quarries, as well as their preparation and processing of stone, complementing its work with the Art Walk Typical Portuguese settlement, among other various types of stone floors.

it is a young and dynamic company with a portfolio already implemented and running, certifying that their just maturity and reliability in the industry.

As a reference in its activity at the national level, their services are targeted to both the domestic and the foreign market, through its strategic vision for the increasingly strong bet on the international market.

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